trend microsystems download

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We have installed Trend Micro’s product for you, and we have brought you step by step instructions for activation of the already purchased Trend Micro.

trend microsystems download

Support installation guide information for new users

trend microsystems download – Installation Guide PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Installation for your PC – Trend Micro exe file  

You first open this URL, then you download your purchased product from and click on the install program.

After that, you will have your Trend Micro check your computer system.

Note: If you have slow internet and cannot download products, please visit to order a free installation CD.

Then you select a paid version, then enter your serial number and click on Next.

And your serial number can be found on the inside cover of this Quick Start Guide.

After you read your license agreement, if you accept it, then agree to continue and tap Install.

After that, your establishment now begins.

And when you see the installation finish window appears, click Finish to close the installer.

Then if you need Trend Micro to email a monthly security report, click Yes.

You enter your email address and click Next.

After that, if you already have an account, make sure to use the email address given to this account and click Next.

Then if this window does not open automatically, use the shortcut sign on your PC.

You enter your account information and click on Next.

After that, you will then have to verify that your details are correct. Click Next.

Now once you have finished activation, the Protection Active window will appear. Click Finish.


Installation for Android (Trend Micro Mobile Security)

Open the Play Store on your phone or tab and search for Trend Micro.

Then in the search results, tap Mobile Security and Antivirus.

Then you click on install.

After that, you tap on Open after downloading and installing this app.

And then you accept it and tap continues.

Then select Buy / Activate to activate mobile security.

You select your usage activation code then enter your serial number and select OK.

After that, you have your activation code similar to your serial number and can be found on the back of this Quick Start Guide.

And enter the password for your trend micro account and choose Sign in.

After that, once the installation is complete, select the scan and check your device for any danger.

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