install trend micro already purchased

how to install trend micro already purchased?

install trend micro already purchased– if you already purchased Trendmicro then to install it you need to know the variant of your Trendmicro. Don’t know which variant of Trendmicro you have. Don’t worry just have a look at your purchase. The name is already written on the product retail card or in case of online purchase it is on your email inbox.

Variants of Trend micro that can be purchased

  • Trendmicro maximum security
  • Antivirus+ by Trendmicro
  • Trendmicro internet security
  • Trendmicro antivirus

So now you know which variant of Trendmicro you have. The next thing is you should have an activation code or product key for your Trendmicro.

Trend micro activation code to install already purchased Trendmicro

In the case of online purchases, you will find this activation code in your email inbox or on the store itself. On the other hand, if you got it from an offline store then you will get a retail card for that. On the back of the retail card, you will find 20 characters alphanumeric code. It is made of numbers and alphabets.

install trend micro already purchased

Download purchased Trendmicro

Now I will tell you how to download your Trendmicro variant. As we are still not done checking the system requirement. System requirement is the minimum system resource that we need to run Trendmicro successfully on our system. A system may be a PC, laptop or an Android phone. System requirement for a windows computer is below-

Essential requirements to install Trendmicro already purchased

There are some essentials to download and install Trend Micro whether you purchased it from Best Buy or anywhere else either online or offline. These are:

Minimum system requirements: Trend micro purchased from best buy activation:

To install and activate Trend Micro on your Windows PC, First of all, your Windows all up-to-date and fulfill the following requirements.

Operating System (OS) :

Windows 10 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
Windows 8.1 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
And Windows 8 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)

Processor :

1GHz or more


1GB or more (2GB Recommended)

Storage Space:

1.3GB or more of available hard disk space (1.5GB Recommended)

Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer version 11.0 or above
Google Chrome™ (The newest version and the most recent previous version)
Mozilla® Firefox® (The newest version and the most recent previous version)
Microsoft Edge latest version

Internet Connection:

Broadband or equivalent high-speed connection is highly recommended


High-color display with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution or above

Valid Serial Number for to download Trend Micro best buy purchased from Best Buy :

Serial Number is a unique combination of 20 characters long sometimes it is also called a key code or subscription code. It looks something like
You will get this in your Order Confirmation Email from the Trend Micro after the successful purchase of your Trend Micro Product from Best Buy if you buy it on-line. If you Buy your Trend Micro Product from an off-line Best Buy store, Serial Number is written on your retail card which you get regarding your purchase from Best Buy.

If you do not fulfill both essential requirements either Minimum System Requirements or A valid Serial Number. You are not able to install and activate your Trend Micro. Or If you think you fulfill all the requirements listed above, Then you are ready to install and activate your Trend Micro.  So, be handy with your valid Serial Number and move forward to download the right Trend Micro Product.

download purchased trend micro

How to Download Trend Micro bought from Best Buy:

If you buy Trend Micro from Best Buy, You can easily download it from or Once you open any from those link the Trend Micro Best Buy installer will start downloading into your computer. You can Run or Save it into your PC. Once the installer or setup file will be downloaded we are ready to install it. The installer file is also called a trend micro exe file.

Install Trend Micro brought from Best Buy:

Run the installer:

If you already have Trend Micro installer or setup file, so open or run it by clicking double click on it. If you do not have an installer or setup file respective to your Trend Micro Product please download it first.

Accept the User Account Control:

When you run the installer it will start extracting the files needed for the installation. If the User Account Control window appears on your side alow it by clicking ‘yes’.

System Compatibility Check:

Once the installer will extract the files needed for the installation a new window will appear. In this window Trend Micro checks if your computer is compatible with installation, wait till it complete.
If anything goes wrong means your system must not fulfill some of the essential requirements. To know more about the system requirements refer to section ‘ What are the System Requirement for Trend Micro Installation on Windows PC ‘.

Put Serial Number: download purchased trend micro

best buy install trend micro purchased: If your system is compatible with Trend Micro installation, you will go to the next window which is asking for Serial Number. Put a valid Serial Number in those five little boxes.
If you do not have a valid Serial Number or you do not what is it refer ‘What is the Trend Micro Product Serial Number’ for more details.
Once you put a valid Serial Number please cross-check it one more if it correct or not. Because if it is not correct you can not move further. If everything.

Read Data Disclosure Notice:

On the next window, you will get a Data Disclosure Notice. This all about your data privacy policy from the Trend Micro side. Read it carefully to know more about policy and services, after that click on ‘Next’ from the bottom-right corner of that window.

Read and Accept the License Agreement:

The License Agreement is about your Trend Micro product its variant and terms to use it during the subscription period. Please Agree with it in order to move further by clicking ‘Agree and Install’.

Installation Begins: best buy install trend micro purchased

Once you accept the License Agreement installation is start immediately. It may take a couple of minutes to complete.

Give your Device, a name:

When the installation is complete successfully, it prompts to give your computer a name. Give the name of your computer like ‘home computer’ or anything you want too and click ‘next’.

Enter your Email address:

Provide your email which you use to purchase it if you buy it online or you already have an account with Trend Micro. If you buy it offline and you do not have an account with Trend Micro yet, Please use any valid email address for this and click on ‘Next’.

Fill out the Account Information:

Complete your account information by filling this form to move further by clicking ‘next’.

Check the information you provided:

This window will show the information you just provide in order to create your Trend Micro account. Have a look at it, if there is anything is not correct or you want to change click on ‘back’ to change it. Or can click on ‘next’ to move further.

Install Trend micro already purchased from a Non-BestBuy store

In case you haven’t purchased your Trend micro from Bestbuy then everything will be the same as mentioned on the page except the download page. The download page in this context is If you will reach download center you will find every Trendmicro home and business products. You just need to click on the name of your purchased Trendmicro version and the next thing will be the automatic prompt for download. After download, everything will happen just like happened before in Bestbuy purchased Trendmicro.

best buy install trend micro purchased

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