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best buy Webroot download– Purchased Webroot from Bestbuy? then it is really easy to install your Webroot. Bestbuy geek squad provides all kinds of Webroot licenses. On the geek squad store, you can also get a 6 month of free Webroot license. For a free Webroot license or for a paid one you must get a Keycode. The BestBuy Webroot install procedure is described in a stepwise manner below. First of all, we will get to know about a Webroot keycode.

What is Bestbuy Webroot keycode and how to download Bestbuy webroot

Check it out on the card you purchased. And look at the back of your webroot retail card. Sample Activation Code:


That means it is 20 characters alphanumeric keycode, which is situated on the back of your retail card. Kindly peel the back of your retail card very gently so you may not lose any string or characters of the Webroot keycode.

best buy Webroot download

best buy Webroot download – complete instructions

Now you have your best buy Webroot keycode so now we can start with best buy webroot download. Kindly follow the given below steps-

  • Open an internet browser or simply a web browser in your computers like internet explorer, opera or safari.
  • Now type a URL which on the URL box where you suppose to enter any website and now hit enter.
  • By doing this you will open a web page where on the right side you will find 2 small boxes. This page is going to redeem your Webroot keycode.
  • Enter your email and keycode and hit submit. Now it will download an exe file for your Webroot subscription.

Now just run this exe file. Now two things are done your Webroot keycode is redeemed and you are done with the download.

Now complete the best buy Webroot download

  • Now when the program is ready to run then just double click on that exe file or run it.
  • When you will run that exe file your system will give you a prompt to allow Webroot to install. Here just click on “yes” or “continue”.
  • Again a box will open in front of you and asking for your keycode again. Your keycode is already redeemed and you just need to enter it here to put your license on your computer.
  • After putting the keycode click on activate and put your Email when the setup wizard is asking in the very next step. And you are done with the Webroot installation.

Webroot download already purchased- Precautions

Now moving to the necessary precautions. Now in case you have a retail card then you have a keycode on the back of Webroot card. Here you need to peel the back of the card where the keycode is situated. The most noteworthy part comes here and that is you need to peel it very gently so you don’t lose any of the keycode string during the peel. Keycode is a unique thing and cannot be recovered when lose.

The second important thing to take care while best buy Webroot install

to install Webroot with keycode or any other antivirus with its activation code. We need to have a look at our system. In case Our system has an already installed security inside it. Then we need to uninstall it even it is expired. As any computer security uses the same resource so they may conflict with each other and that may result in an unsuccessful install.

Now a user thinks that it has a new computer then he can’t have an antivirus. But I want to let you know that a lot of new computers come with a free trial of antivirus with it. These preinstalled antivirus needed to be removed first.

Important after removing any antivirus

If you just removed an antivirus from your computer you must restart your system once before doing anything else. As when you remove the antivirus from the computer. The system needs a restart to completely remove an antivirus.

support for best buy Webroot download

Precautions are very important to have a look as these precautions tell you the main reasons for an unsuccessful install. Webroot secureanywhere download can be done also while creating a Webroot account or from inside the account.

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